The Aspen Institute and Theater Masters to discuss theater’s role in the current cultural moment

Feb 4, 2018

Theater Master's Take Ten Festival is Sunday February 11 at 7:30 p.m. at the Aspen School District's Black Box Theatre.
Credit Courtesy of Theater Masters

Theater Masters and the Aspen Institute are hosting a panel discussion on theater and politics this week. The Aspen Institute and Theater Masters will discuss theater’s role in the current cultural moment.


Director, screen and playwright David Auburn’s credits include “Proof,” for which he won the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Abbie Van Nostrand is Director of Corporate Communications at Samuel French Inc., which is the largest publisher of plays and musicals.

On Saturday, they will discuss the role of playwrights as voices of the cultural moment. Theater Masters founder Julia Hansen will moderate.


The conversation will contemplate the tactics playwrights use to inspire calls to action, and the responsibilities of individual artists and institutions in times of national discord, as well as how social media is used as a means of political participation and how theater can help.


The program will also feature some of the emerging playwrights whose works are being performed Sunday.


The discussion starts at 5 and will take place in the Booz Allen Room of the Koch Building. Theater Masters’ “Take Ten Festival” follows Sunday at 7:30 in the Aspen School District’s Black Box Theatre, and will feature winning 10-minute scripts from playwrights throughout the country.