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Aspen Music Festival 2020: It's A Wrap

Aug 26, 2020

Aspen Music Festival and School's Alan Fletcher

The Aspen Music Festival and School (AMFS) normally puts on some 300 concerts in eight weeks. This summer, they were all canceled. One would think that would leave the staff with little to do. But as Alan Fletcher said, organzing a video virtual concert and master class series meant that the everyone on board worked twice as hard.

Classical Music from Aspen host Chris Mohr caught up with Alan to talk about the first virtual season in their history, as well as plans for next summer's Beethoven-infused season. 

The Aspen Music Festival and School has students from 100 countries, but Fletcher and the entire AMFS team are also working on a plan to bring even more inclusivity to the organization, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Fletcher shares some of his initial ideas on what that might mean for the organization's future.