Aspen Parent Action Committee Demands Culture Change at ASD

Sep 18, 2018

The Aspen Parent Action Committee spoke for nearly an hour during public comment at the school board meeting Monday night.
Credit Alycin Bektesh / Aspen Public Radio News

  A group of parents spoke for nearly an hour during the Aspen School District Board of Education meeting last night. The newly formed Aspen Parent Action Committee demanded that the board address the workplace culture within the district.



Though it was a standing room only crowd, the board was read a list of reasons why others feared attending to speak against the ASD administration. Those who did take the stand during public comment raised concerns regarding test scores, teacher turn over, and an administration that has a reputation for punishing those who speak out against the status quo.

“If there is retaliation guess what, we will know about it.,” said concerned parent Bill Carlson who has three kids in the district.

“Do you know how many hundreds of e mails have been reached out to people involved in this? How many text messages?”

The group is planning on publishing a website documenting their concerns, and will be at the school board’s October 1st meeting as well. School board president Sheila Wills said the board would schedule a work session some time next month to talk about climate, and suggested a third party get involved if needed.