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Aspen Reaches Agreements With All Opposition In Castle Creek Water Right Case

Aug 21, 2018

The City of Aspen has reached agreement to not build a reservoir in Castle Creek.
Credit Courtesy of Wilderness Workshop

The city has reached agreements with all of the opposing parties in a Castle Creek water court case. But there’s still work to be done.


When Aspen filed to keep the rights to build reservoirs on Castle and Maroon Creeks in 2016, ten parties opposed the city in water court. The groups, which include private landowners, government agencies and environmental organizations, have been working since then to keep the scenic creeks free from dams.

At a district water court meeting Tuesday, city representatives announced they have reached agreement with the U.S. Forest Service. That means Aspen has settled with all the parties in the Castle Creek case.  

The city has agreed to move the water rights to other locations and said it will not build reservoirs on either of these creeks.

There is one remaining opposing party, the Larsen Family LP, in the water rights case on Maroon Creek.