Aspen seeks 'bike friendly' gold

Sep 11, 2016

Aspen's many bike paths have earned the town a silver bike-friendly rating.
Credit City of Aspen

  The City of Aspen is looking to upgrade their “bike friendly” status.


Aspen currently holds a “silver” grade from the League of American bicyclists. The national organization looks at several aspects of a town’s bicycling infrastructure such as bike paths, cycling educational programs and rule enforcement.  Aspen is now seeking a gold or platinum status, and as part of the assessment, the League of American bicyclists wants to hear from the public.

Austin Weiss, the open space and natural resource manager for the City of Aspen, said while the designation is a nice feather in the cap, the real benefit is the opportunity to improve the experience for commuter and recreational cyclists.

“It allows our community an opportunity to hear from an outside entity. To me that's ultimately the best aspect of this is the feedback we get and the ideas.”

The survey is available on the City of Aspen website through Sept. 15.