Aspen Seeks Feedback On Sign Ordinance

Sep 2, 2018

Aspen wants to know what the public thinks about sandwich board signs. A survey online asks how the folded, temporary sidewalk signage should be regulated.

Sandwich boards are scheduled to be phased out by Sept. 28 in Aspen. After four months of conversations with businessowners, however, the city may walk back those restrictions.

During the development moratorium, the city noticed a proliferation of sandwich boards downtown, which, they say, cluttered sidewalks and creates aesthetic inconsistency. However, a 2015 Supreme Court ruling said cities cannot regulate signs based on content, prompting Aspen to update its sign code by banning all sandwich boards.


Talks with business owners have led the city to reconsider an outright ban. Many business owners - particularly those local owners who can only afford to operate in second-tier retail spaces - said the signs are important for helping customers locate hard to find shops and restaurants.


The survey presents options such as introducing a permit system, or a one-sign-per-building option. Public feedback is being collected through Sept. 14 and will be presented to city council during the first reading of the updated sign ordinance on Sept. 17.