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Aspen Skiing Company signs legal brief in support of same sex marriage

Mar 9, 2015

The Aspen Skiing Company is signing onto a legal brief in support of making same-sex marriage legal across the country.

The Aspen Skiing Company is getting involved in the legal fight for marriage equality. The company is one of hundreds of businesses urging the US Supreme Court to embrace same-sex marriage. 

The Aspen Skiing Company joins nearly 400 other companies, including Nike and Starbucks, in submitting the brief. They argue the existing, legal landscape is confusing and places a significant burden on employers and employees. Although same-sex marriage is recognized in many states, including Colorado, other states prohibit it. The businesses believe the prohibition makes it hard to recruit and retain good employees and allocate benefits.

In a statement Aspen Skiing Company CEO Mike Kaplan points out the Ski. Co.’s guiding principles say the company treats people as they’d like to be treated. He thinks signing onto the legal brief will benefit the company’s guests, employees and the community at large.

The Aspen Skiing Company says it’s the only ski resort to sign onto the document.