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Aspen Valley Hospital CEO resigns

Jan 18, 2016

Dan Bonk is stepping down as CEO of Aspen Valley Hospital.
Credit Aspen Valley Hospital

The CEO of Aspen Valley Hospital resigned Monday after two years in the position. The hospital announced the resignation, saying Bonk wanted to spend more time with his family.

Bonk became CEO in January 2014 and has been maintaining homes in Aspen as well as Wisconsin where his family still lives. The plan was for Bonk’s family to follow him to Colorado, but that never happened.

Hospital Board President and spokesman Dr. Barry Mink said in a press release Monday that the hospital understands Bonk’s dilemma. The Board wishes Bonk the best and will meet later this week to discuss the search for a new CEO.  The new executive will take control as soon as selected. A five-year mill levy tax was extended during Bonk’s tenure.