Aspen voters weigh in on hot-button issue

Nov 3, 2015

A sign supporting the Base 2 proposal in Aspen.
Credit Marci Krivonen / Aspen Public Radio

There was a steady stream of voters flowing into the Aspen Jewish Community Center Tuesday. The Center served as a polling place for Aspen voters. Many voters said Question 2A brought them to the polls. If approved, a new hotel called Base 2 would be built on Main Street.

Aspen resident Michael Jones voted against it.


“I thought there was a lack of clarity on exactly what it was going to be and how it was going to turn out. It had a lot to do with parking and construction," said Jones. "I think having more beds and more rooms is a good thing, but I thought they hadn’t really defined it as well. It seemed ambiguous.”


Jenna Moe supports the Base 2 initiative, in part, because she believes it will be affordable.

“I think that if it’s going to be one way or another, I’d rather see it be a lodge," says Moe, "I think it’s an exciting project and I think there’s a need for more affordable lodging.”


Moe is 29 years old and says many young people rallied behind Base 2 because of the expected affordability. Developer Mark Hunt is proposing the lodge, which would include 37 rooms. It would be located on the corner of Monarch and Main Streets.