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Assistant Aspen High School principal resigns after two months

Jul 15, 2016

Aspen High School Principal Tharyn Mulberry is looking for a new assistant principal after his most recent hire resigned two months after taking the job.
Credit Aspen Public Radio

The Aspen High School is once again looking for an assistant principal.



Grant Safranek accepted the job in May. But last week, he rescinded without giving a reason.

Principal Tharyn Mulberry said it was not an acrimonious departure. The job opening was posted internally and as of Friday, four candidates had applied. They happen to be the same ones who applied for the job this past spring when Safranek was picked.

Whoever fills the position will be on one-year trial basis.

“Anybody that’s interim candidate would have the front runner seat in that search,” Mulberry said.

The high school has experienced turnover in the past two years with at least 17 employee changes. This will be the fourth assistant principal hire in five years.