Audio Canvas: Enrique Martinez Celaya

Jun 29, 2015

Enrique Martinez Celaya has been coming to the Anderson Ranch Arts Center for over a decade. He is an established contemporary artist and a board member of the Ranch. Martinez Celaya discusses his work, inspirations, and challenges.

He will be leading a multi-year advanced workshop for serious artists looking to expand and improve their portfolios, and recently published a new book on his reflections and experiences at the ranch, On Art and Mindfulness

A full bio can be found HERE, and more information on workshops and lectures at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center can be found at www.AndersonRanch.org

The Education. 2014.
Credit Enrique Martinez Celaya.

The Sigh. 2015.
Credit Enrique Martinez Celaya.
Cover of On Art and Mindfulness. 2015.
Credit Anderson Ranch Arts Center.