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Audio Problems

Oct 16, 2019

Radio broadcast tower and antennas.
Credit Daniel Costello / Aspen Public Radio

Having a problem with radio reception or streaming? Send a message to Issues that we are already aware of are below.

07/28/2020: 91.5 in Basalt is again having problems, we are working on a long-term solution. Thanks for your patience.

07/17/2020: Pitkin County engineers made some adjustments to 91.5 in Basalt and the signal is back to normal.

07/14/2020: Listeners have reported static on 91.5 in Basalt, which is an Aspen Public Radio translator owned by Pitkin County. We are working with them to troubleshoot the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible.

07/14/2020: Audio to Comcast Channel 8 in Pitkin County has been restored.

07/01/2020: Audio is not being fed correctly to Comcast Channel 8 in Pitkin County. We are working on restoring it as soon as possible, thanks for your patience.

12/10/2019: We installed new equipment at the airport, and have restored our audio to Comcast Channel 8 in Pitkin County.

10/17/2019: Our engineer replaced the failed piece of equipment for the KCJX 88.9 transmitter, so we are back on the main transmitter and at full power. Please let us know if you hear any further problems, and thanks for your patience.

10/16/2019: Pitkin County translator engineers made adjustments to remove distortion on 90.9 serving Snowmass Village and 91.1 serving the ABC. Please let us know how they sound!

10/16/2019: Our KCJX 88.9 transmitter is having problems, so we have switched to our backup transmitter. This transmitter has a lower power output than our main transmitter, so some areas may experience reception problems. Our engineer will go to the site as soon as possible to diagnose the problem with the main transmitter.

10/12/2019: A piece of equipment for our KCJX 88.9 transmitter failed, causing intermittent dropouts. This also affected 89.3 in Glenwood Springs, 91.5 in Redstone, and 91.5 in Basalt. A replacement is on the way, and we hope to get it installed next week.

9/30/2019: Comcast Channel 8 has lost audio that it normally carries from Aspen Public Radio. We have our audio on Channel 8 through an agreement with Pitkin County, who controls channel 8. They report that an antenna was damaged, causing the audio loss. We are working with them to restore audio.