Authors To Present Regional Housing Study To Local Governments

Apr 26, 2019

Credit Garfield County Housing Authority

A study of housing needs in the Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys is complete, and the authors will now present their findings to the local governments that paid for the study.


Consultants from the Front Range studied housing shortages from Aspen to Glenwood Springs and Parachute to Edwards. They call the area the Greater Roaring Fork Region.


They found that New Castle, Rifle, and Parachute are housing more and more of the region’s workforce. They also examined demographic trends; for example, retirees are the bulk of who’s moving to the area.

The report recommends greater collaboration between local governments to solve what it sees as a regional problem.

The authors will present their findings to the Garfield County Commissioners Tuesday morning, and to the Eagle County Commissioners in the afternoon. A presentation to the Pitkin County Commissioners is scheduled for mid-May.

The public is welcome to attend.