Basalt debates Pan and Fork

Oct 24, 2016

The Pan and Fork panel in Aspen Public Radio's debate at RMI. Mark Harvey (left), Cathy Click, Carolyn Sackariason (center), Herschel Ross, and Steve Chase (right).

Ideological differences were clear last night in a debate over the future of Basalt’s Pan and Fork property.

In a town hall forum hosted by Aspen Public Radio, proponents and opponents of questions 2F and 2G argued the price of open space versus development on what both consider unique property.


The issue is whether the town buys 2.3 acres, and builds 4 million dollars in park amenities. A portion of the property would have a commercial operation. Mark Harvey, a proponent of buying the land, said Basalt’s river park could become the “envy of Colorado.”


Herschel Ross, an opponent, said the purchase would “smother the town in debt.” His camp wants the private sector to develop the rest of the property and leave the taxpayer out of it.


The panelists also differed significantly on what the proposal would cost. Click the link below to hear the full debate.