Basalt fed up with Verizon’s 'very unreliable' service

Feb 12, 2018

Credit Verizon.com

Verizon needs to fix its "very unreliable” service, Basalt’s mayor Jacque Whitsitt wrote recently in a letter to the company.

At their meeting on Tuesday night, the Town Council will decide if they want to send it. Verizon claims it plans to install a new cell tower in Basalt, but the town has no indication of when that might happen.


Whitsitt's letter asks Verizon to clarify and suggests the company reimburse customers affected by the poor service.


Solving the problem is not as easy as dumping Verizon, Whitsitt said.


"I’ve had a person stop me in the grocery store and somebody send me an email saying, 'do something about AT&T, also,'" she said.


The council meets at town hall, beginning at 6 p.m.