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Basalt science, literacy teacher wins statewide award

May 20, 2015

Seventh grade science and literacy teacher Mary Bright was awarded the Jared Polis Foundation’s Teacher Recognition Award.
Credit Allison Johnson

Two schools in the Midvalley are welcoming new school administrators. The Roaring Fork School District announced new principals at Basalt High School and Crystal River Elementary School in Carbondale. 

Matthew Koenigsknecht will lead Crystal River Elementary School. He was a language arts teacher in Denver and managed a summer program at Basalt Elementary School.

Peter Mueller will take the reigns at Basalt High School. He works for The Nature Conservancy and served as principal at Telluride public schools. Mueller also worked in Evergreen, Colorado at a private school.

On Tuesday, Basalt Middle School announced science and literacy teacher Mary Bright received statewide recognition. Bright was one of ten teachers in Colorado to win the Jared Polis Foundation’s Teacher Recognition Award.

"(It’s) pretty exciting. I was very honored and surprised. I wasn’t sure that was going to be the outcome. I will get some money for the school and for myself. So, it feels good that I’ll be able to use that money to help my class out."

She may use the money on new technology and science equipment in the classroom. Right now, her seventh graders are completing science fair projects. Anna Cunningham is one of Bright’s students.

"She walks around the class sometimes and if you need help, she’ll come by and she helps you. And when you’re done writing a rough draft she’ll tell you what you should add, or what should be in there."

Middle school principal Jeremy Voss nominated Bright for the award.