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Basalt Seeks Fresh Eyes On Master Plan Update

Dec 21, 2018

Basalt wants to hire a consultant to help update the town’s Master Plan.

The Master Plan is like Basalt’s mission statement. It outlines what kind of town Basalt wants to be.

"We are an inclusive community, we believe in connectivity, we believe in responsible growth," said Susan Philp, the town's planning director.

The Master Plan is the document that is supposed to guide decision-making: What development is allowed to go where? How can the town be more resilient to climate change? How should the town strive to retain young families? And how can people both work and live in Basalt?

The town wants to pay a consultant around $200,000 for a fresh eye and new ideas to help answer these questions.

Philp says the consultants will likely do things like study survery results and meet with the town’s council, its Planning and Zoning Board and the public at large.

Basalt will be taking proposals until Jan. 31, 2019 and hopes to implement an updated Master Plan by early 2020.