Basalt working towards putting Pan & Fork on fall ballot

Feb 9, 2016

A look across the Pan and Fork parcel near downtown Basalt.
Credit Elise Thatcher

Basalt may ask voters to pay for a Pan and Fork park this fall. Town Council decided Tuesday night to start nailing down how much the land is worth and other preparations.

Town Council members approved a draft resolution, which includes asking town staff to line up getting an appraisal and figure out how to pay for a certain amount of property. The parcel in question is more than two acres, but Basalt would likely buy only part of it. In the coming months, the town manager and other staff must also come up with what a park could look like and how much development to allow on the remaining land not purchased by the town.

Monday’s decision comes after a popular citizen petition requesting a spring vote on whether to purchase the Pan and Fork land. “This is responding to their petition,” said Council member Herschel Ross, “... seeing as how we couldn’t legally do it as ascribed in their petition, this is a process to identify the things they were asking us to do.” All of the preparations approved Monday night must be finished by mid summer, so Town Council can decide whether to put a question on the fall ballot.