Bear That Bit Hiker Had A Stomach Full Of Birdseed

Jun 5, 2019

Credit Aspen Public Radio

The bear that attacked a hiker near Aspen on Memorial Day was killed last week by wildlife officers.


According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), the animal tested negative for rabies, and its stomach was almost entirely full of bird seed.

CPW says the bear likely lost its natural fear of people by eating from backyard bird feeders. Bear- human interaction is very risky for both parties.

The stomach contents of the bear reveal it was feeding primarily on bird seed, likely found in backyard birdfeeders. CPW recommends avoiding the use of birdfeeders when bears are active.
Credit Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Mike Porras, CPW's public information officer for the northwest region, says, during the spring and summer, the agency gets calls almost nightly about bear activity in Aspen.


People can protect themselves and the bears, says Porras.

"Secure your food sources. Take in your trash; take it out only on the day it’s going to be picked up. And absolutely never, ever feed a bear," he said.

If you care about bears, Porras says, take down bird feeders until the winter.