Bear bites near Ruedi Reservoir

Jun 26, 2015

A family camping in Ruedi Reservoir had an early morning wakeup call from a bear, while camping at the Dearhamer Campground.

The bear seemed to be pawing at the tent looking for food, but he bit down on the left forearm of the man who was camping with his wife and one year old child.Along with freshly caught fish, coolers of food, and trash at the campsite, the family also had a bag of food and other scented items within the tent. Mike Porras with Colorado Parks and Wildlife says there is evidence that the bruin had most likely found food in campsites in the past, and thus a need to track and kill the bear.

The man was able to hit the bear with his free arm, causing it to retreat. Porras says it’s unfortunate that bears have to be euthanized but that the primary concern of Colorado Parks and Wildlife is the health and safety of human beings.