Beatlemania Comes To Aspen

Dec 25, 2018

Beatles tribute band The Fab Four performs at the Wheeler Tuesday evening.

Ron McNeil is the bandleader and founder of The Fab Four. He says that the group is fanatical about copying the smallest details when it comes to the Beatles.





"People say, 'Is that really worth it, Ron?'  Well, no, not the one thing, but you add all the little things together, and it makes up the big picture," said McNeil.

For example, Paul McCartney is left-handed, but the musician who plays him onstage is naturally right-handed. He taught himself to play the guitar and bass with his left hand.  

McNeil plays John Lennon.  McNeil says that he used to let his fingers dangle when playing the guitar, until a fan pointed out that Lennon played with his fingers curled.  So McNeil taped his fingers together until they were trained to stay put in the same position as Lennon's.

The Fab Four takes the stage at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.