Being A Pro Snowsports Athlete Takes Practice...And Sometimes, A Job

Nov 24, 2014

Nordic skier Noah Hoffman is the top-ranked distance skier in the U.S. and Michael Ward is a Nordic Combined athlete. Both men grew up in Aspen and they depend heavily on community donations to maintain their sports careers.


Professional snow sports athletes have started their competitive season and many are traveling from race to race. For most, the cost of competing can be as challenging as defeating their opponents. Nordic ski racer Noah Hoffman and Nordic Combined athlete Michael Ward talked about the expense during a recent visit to Aspen Public Radio. They were preparing for a fundraiser in Aspen and spoke with Aspen Public Radio's Marci Krivonen.

Noah Hoffman competed in Sochi during the Winter Olympics. He’s the top-ranked distance skier in the U.S. Michael Ward competes in Nordic Combined, which combines ski jumping and nordic skiing. He competes on the U.S. Nordic Combined National Team.