Bernard Jazzar Looks At Herbert Bayer As A 'Total Artist' In New Exhibit

Jul 11, 2019

Herbert Bayer's "Earth Works" on the Aspen Institute campus
Credit The Aspen Institute

Herbert Bayer of the Bauhaus school of design worked in multiple fields, including painting, graphic design and architecture.  A new exhibit looks at how his versatility helped him design the campus of the Aspen Institute. 

The exhibition, called "A Total Work of Art: Bauhaus-Bayer-Aspen,” looks at the work Bayer did both during and after his time at the Bauhaus, and how that influenced the campus. 

Curator Bernard Jazzar says that Bayer wanted functional buildings that fit into the natural surroundings and made it easy for people to move from place to place.  Jazzar wants to shed light on Bayer’s meticulous approach to designing the campus. 

“The hallmark of good design is that you don’t notice the design.  You just know you’re comfortable, you’re at ease,” he said.

Jazzar gives a lecture about the new exhibit starting at 4 p.m. Friday in the Resnick Gallery in the Doerr-Hosier building.