Big Changes Coming To Pitkin County Trash Code

Dec 5, 2018

Credit Alycin Bektesh

Pitkin County’s Solid Waste Hauler Ordinance is getting its first update since 1991.


The new code shifts the focus from waste haulers to customers. The comprehensive changes were first suggested over a year-and-a-half ago.

Curbside recycling would be mandatory and included in all Pitkin County Residents trash bills, and customers won't be able to opt out. This will be in line with Aspen’s new code, according to Pitkin County Solid Waste Manager Cathy Hall.


"Our goal is to streamline down the valley this type of ordinance," said Hall.


Another change is a “Save As You Throw Program.” Customers save money by using a smaller trash can, choosing from one of three sizes. The smaller the trashcan, the smaller the fee.

The ordinance also includes a requirement for data collection: Measuring how much material is recycled and from where. Hall and her team will then analyze the annual report.


"We're hoping to collect more data; we're hoping to increase diversion rates," said Hall.

The ordinance, which Hall expects to pass easily on Wednesday, would take effect in mid-January. First, Pitkin County is launching an outreach and education campaign for haulers and customers. County residents can expect to see new curbside recycling bins in June or July.