BREAKING: Aspen City Election Results

May 5, 2015

Credit Elise Thatcher

UPDATE - 11:21pm

Unofficial final results - Steve Skadron will keep his seat as Mayor against his second challenge from Torre. Skadron takes the win by about 400 votes.  

At the council table, fellow incumbent Adam Frisch will keep his position. But, there could be a runoff between Bert Myrin and Mick Ireland for the second open seat. Myrin is 109 votes ahead, but needs at least 12 more votes to make the threshold for winning the second seat. As of Tuesday night, there are 23 unresolved ballots, so until those are cleared up, officials won't know if a runoff race is needed. Aspen City Attorney Jim True and City Clerk Linda Manning say they hope to have an answer on the ballots-- and the runoff question-- on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Referendum One has passed.

Below are breakdowns of the numbers from the Aspen Municipal Election:

Mayor's Race

* Steve Skadron: 1,443
Torre: 1,044

City Council

* Adam Frisch: 1,207
Bery Myrin: 990
Mick Ireland: 881
Tom McCabe: 381
Marcia Goshorn: 442
Andrew Israel: 274
Keith Goode: 340

Referendum 1

* Yes: 1,297
No: 1,141