Candidates Answer Citizen Submitted Questions At Squirm Night

Feb 8, 2019

  Candidates for Aspen mayor and city council answered questions about their past and positions last night. You can watch it here.


Mayoral candidates took on communication and transparency. Ann Mullins advocated getting feedback from neighborhood caucuses, instead of asking the public to come to city hall. Candidates debated transparency in dealing with Lift One developers. They discussed if city partners should disclose their financials. Torre argued that the process has been flawed and that the city should have done more to collaborate with residents.

Candidates for City Council weighed the need for employee housing against new development. Incumbent Byrt Myrin - who has advocated for a one hundred percent housing mitigation rate - critiqued the housing reduction for the Lift One development. Linda Manning, citing her experience as city clerk, argued that there should be less red tape for businesses in Aspen.

Ballots go in the mail Monday.