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Carbondale Looking For Someone To Take Out The Trash

Jan 3, 2019

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Carbondale wants one company to haul away most of its trash and recycling. Starting Friday, the town is accepting proposals.

Four companies currently collect trash and recycling in Carbondale. Over any given week, there might be four different trucks driving up and down a single street, stopping at different houses. By using just one company, the town hopes to cut down on traffic.

It also wants to save space at the landfill, so recycling will be included in the trash service.

According to Kevin Schorzman, Carbondale’s Public Works Director, having one hauler also protects wildlife.

"Trash will only be out for one day in particular parts of town, which will cut down on the amount of time that containers are out and available for wildlife to get into," he said.

The single-hauler system will only apply to single-family homes. Businesses and larger apartment buildings still will contract with a company individually.