Carbondale Trustees grapple with complaints about pot businesses

Mar 20, 2016

Credit Marci Krivonen

There’s growing concern in Carbondale about a concentration of marijuana businesses in one neighborhood. Sixteen pot-related operations are grouped in the Buggy Village area near Highway 133.

In a particular office, complaints by other businesses have to do with smell and losing customers. “The HVAC system in that building is all connected,” said Cathy Derby on Friday. Derby helps handle marijuana licenses by the Town of Carbondale. “So if there’s a smell, it just keeps traveling down through the other businesses.”

The building is also where a retail marijuana shop was robbed at gunpoint in December. Zoning restrictions have prompted the concentration of marijuana establishments in that area. Carbondale Town Trustees have twice considered whether to approve an emergency moratorium to prevent any new pot businesses going in. Trustees will take up the complaints again in April.