Carbondale Trustees grapple with complaints about pot businesses

Apr 25, 2016

Credit http://kotaku.com

Carbondale officials have been grappling with a concentration of marijuana businesses just off Highway 133. As Aspen Public Radio’s Elise Thatcher reports, Carbondale trustees will soon consider specific ways to beef up pot regulations.

For months, Carbondale trustees have been hearing from business owners who say they’re overwhelmed by stinky marijuana grows or other pot businesses. The concerns are mostly from an office building with a shared ventilation system.

In early May, trustees will review ways to tighten regulations. On the table are limiting how many pot businesses can be in town, how big a cultivation site can be and “how to take care of the odor by either requiring charcoal filters or the blower door test,” said Town Clerk Cathy Derby last week. “So you have a really tight building and the odors can’t escape.”

Right now there are about 22 marijuana establishments, including stores, grows and edibles manufacturers. The vast majority are on or near Buggy Circle, across Highway 133 from RFTA’s Park and Ride.