Carbondale Trustees vote to raise pay

Sep 23, 2015

Credit Tracy Olson/Flickr

  Carbondale Trustees decided this week to give themselves a pay raise. But it won’t go into effect until at least next year. Trustees are currently paid $600 a month, and at a meeting Tuesday night they voted to bump that up to $900 a month.

  The mayor’s position will also receive a 50% pay increase, from $1000 to $1500 a month. “Trustees put a lot of time on a monthly basis into doing a good job,” says Trustee Allyn Harvey, who originally proposed the pay raise. “That involves five meetings, 700 - 900 pages of packet material, individual meetings with town staff about issues that are coming up,” and more.


Harvey and others on the board say the public service work also means not earning income during those hours. Trustee Pam Zentmyer was the lone dissenter, saying the money would be better used by volunteer boards funding community projects. The new compensation will go into effect only when new terms begin.


Carbondale Trustees are similar to Town Council members in neighboring communities, but are generally paid less, even with the raise. Snowmass Village and Glenwood Springs Council members are paid $1000 a month, and Aspen Council members are paid about $1700 a month. The only community with lower pay is Basalt, where Council members are paid $800 dollars a month.