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CDOT wraps up Highway 82 traffic signal tweaks in El Jebel area

Jan 26, 2016

The El Jebel intersection is one of four along Highway 82 where CDOT has been extending green lights for highway traffic.
Credit Elise Thatcher

  If you’ve noticed changes at traffic lights in the El Jebel area, you’re not imagining things. The Colorado Department of Transportation has finished tweaking four Highway 82 signals.

CDOT worked for about a month to extend how long green lights last for cars and trucks on the highway. “One of the big things we’re trying to do is provide as much ‘green time’ as we can,” says CDOT’s David Oldham, who helps oversee regional traffic operations. “ [To] clear out the traffic queues that build up on Highway 82 in the a.m. and even the p.m. peak hours.”

Oldham says that can make it seem like the signals are now working together, but technically the lights are still not. Anecdotal reports so far from CDOT engineers in the area seem to imply the changes are helping keep traffic on Highway 82 flowing, though a potential drawback is backed up cars along side streets.

CDOT began adjusting the signals after a series of complaints. Clogged intersections have been a key issue as officials review multiple development proposals in the area. One developer has offered to help pay for improving the El Jebel intersection.