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Census Still Going Mostly As Planned Amidst Coronavirus Disruptions

Mar 19, 2020

Credit via United States Census Bureau

The census is underway across the nation, taking a headcount to determine how resources, funding, and congressional seats are allocated. Due to coronavirus, some in-person counting efforts will be put on hold, but online, mail and phone responses are still going on as planned.

Local census-takers had a number of in-person tactics planned, such as dropping paper packets on doorsteps, canvassing in areas with low-response rates, and counting at soup kitchens and homeless shelters. Those will all be postponed until at least April 1. Some outreach events to senior centers have been postponed indefinitely.

The Aspen to Parachute Complete Count Committee, a Roaring Fork Valley coalition helping to carry out the census, says the count likely won’t be significantly disrupted by the changes. 

People can still participate in the census from home by responding online, by mail or over the phone. The count continues until the end of July.

Amidst the postponements, the committee says it has poured its resources into digital and social media outreach.