Champagne Powder: Great For Skiing, Not Much Help For Watershed

Jan 10, 2019

Credit aspensnowmass.com

When it comes to the health of our watershed, it turns out not all snow is created equal. Snow is pretty simple: It’s made of air and water.  Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of what’s known as “Colorado Champagne Powder,” which is great for skiing.

Christina Medved with the Roaring Fork Conservancy says it doesn’t have the payoff for our rivers.

"When we get these awesome powder days, it’s awesome for skiing, but the water content is very low," she said.

Different types of snow have different levels of water content, and Colorado champagne powder is pretty dry. Even though we’re seeing more snow than last year, this fluffy stuff, is mostly air, which of course doesn’t melt.

This week, the snowpack clocks in at 107 percent, just barely above average. According to the Roaring Fork Conservancy, it’ll take more than a couple of powder days to ease the current drought.