City Of Aspen Announces New Pedestrian And Bike Way

Aug 9, 2019

Credit City of Aspen / cityofaspen.com

Beginning Monday, Hallam Street in downtown Aspen will be a pedestrian and bike way.  The goal is to create a safe path for walkers and bikers travelling north of Main Street. 

The only other pathway of this kind in Aspen is on Hopkins Street. Trish Aragon, engineer with the City of Aspen, said these pedestrian and bike ways help people navigate the busy downtown area. 

"What we realized is that we have a really great network outside of town to bring people into town, but once people get into town, that network kind of falls apart," she said. 

Vehicles will still be able to park on Hallam Street but will be limited to driving one block. 

The pedestrian and bike way will be open until late October. During the winter, the city will decide whether to reinstate it in the Spring.