CMC cuts tuition for some, raises it for others

Feb 12, 2018

Credit Colorado Mountain College

Colorado Mountain College (CMC) is lowering tuition for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree, but is raising it for students in associate-level courses.

Full-time students at CMC taking upper level classes will save nearly $600 in tuition next school year.


The majority of the school's students, though, take lower-level, or associate-level classes, and their tuition is going up. Matt Gianneschi, the college's Chief Operating Officer, said tuition is one financial consideration.


"Attending college is not just tuition. It’s tuition and fees and book, as well as time and travel and computers and everything else that goes into it," he said.


CMC has a new book-leasing system, so what students pay in new tuition will be offset by lower book prices. All told, students in associate-level classes can expect to see their overall costs increase by 1 percent, or about $30, according to Gianneschi.