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Colorado Emergency Health Insurance Enrollment Deadline Is Thursday

Apr 28, 2020


Credit Connect For Health Colorado

Due to COVID-19, Colorado has extended the emergency enrollment period for health insurance until the end of month. Thursday is the last day for residents who are currently uninsured to enroll in health insurance. 


The Colorado Division of Insurance originally declared the special enrollment period through April 3, but because of the growing number of Coronavirus cases in the state, they extended the deadline a second time.


Colorado is one of eleven states that have made the move to re-open health insurance enrollment under the Affordable Care Act. Local insurance broker Michael Sailor said this has never happened before. 


“I want to thank Governor Polis and the people at the Division of Insurance and Connect for Health Colorado for having the foresight and wisdom to open this program up," Sailor said, “and help Coloradans get much needed insurance so they don't go broke if they wind up in the hospital.” 


Those who enroll during this extended time frame will have health care coverage starting May 1. Sailor said anyone considering signing up should do it as soon as possible. 


“Don't waste time till the last day when potentially you'll never be able to get anybody online on the phone or get any assistance whatsoever," Sailor emphasized. "Do it today while the lines are still open.” 


Coloradans can apply on Connect For Health Colorado's website. Those who qualify for Medicaid Program can apply on the Colorado Peak website.