Colorado senators weigh in on Iran nuclear deal

Oct 11, 2017

Colorado’s Senators are weighing in on the possibility that President Trump will decertify the Iran nuclear deal this week in favor of a tougher policy.


Republican Cory Gardner said the Iran deal was a huge mistake for the country and it sends a bad message to a destabilized North Korea.



“Iran got a pretty good deal if you’re Kim Jong Un,” he said. “Because Iran got to keep their nuclear program. Iran got to keep advanced research and development. Iran gets to put in place advanced centrifuges that will allow them to produce fuel for a nuclear bomb.”


But Democrat Michael Bennet said backing away from the deal would make the world less safe and would signal to North Korea that the U.S will walk away from deals.


“The idea that we would want to have a situation where we have not one but two countries building nuclear weapons in secret, is nuts,” Bennet said.