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Commission votes against Tree Farm

Nov 5, 2015

The northeast corner at Willits Lane and Highway 82. If approved, the first buildings in the Tree Farm development would likely be built here or on the southeast corner of the intersection.
Credit Elise Thatcher

Planning commissioners cast votes against the sizable Tree Farm proposal on Thursday night. That decision took hours as commissioners weighed their concerns. It was a unanimous recommendation of denial by the Roaring Fork Valley Regional Planning Commission.

“I’ve been all over the board,” Board Chair Temple Glassier said after the meeting, saying she hadn’t been sure beforehand how the vote would go. “So everybody could have been all over the board too. Because it’s until the very end, and what comes to the table at that very last minute is what you’re supposed to look at.”

The hours-long meeting wandered at times, as commissioners, who are appointed citizens, learned when they could make motions or needed to review their concerns with the proposed development. Those include inadequate parking and not meeting a variety of code requirements. The project now goes to Eagle County Commissioners, who have the final say.