Community Meeting On Possible Wheeler Expansion Held Thursday

May 30, 2019

Credit Patrick Fort / Aspen Public Radio



Aspen City Council wants to know if there’s a need for the Wheeler Opera House to build additional space in the next 20 years. The community can give their input at a meeting Thursday.

Wheeler executive director Gena Buhler says she’s torn about whether bigger is better for the venue.  It might sell out when town is busy, but the off-season is a different story.

“On July 5th, we’re all packed full, but then September, October, November...Where’s the true need, or is it that we all want space in the prime time?” she said.

Aspen is studying the possible expansion.  It’s hired consulting firm Theatre Projects, which will run Thursday’s meeting.  Buhler says they’ll gather input on what people want from the Wheeler and whether an expansion would help meet those demands.

Another community meeting will be held over the summer. Theatre Projects will also consult with local arts organizations before reporting out to council in the fall.