Concrete ‘signs’ of Carbondale’s Creative District progress

Mar 24, 2016

Signs are to be posted in Carbondale and along the Rio Grande trail that help point people towards the arts.
Credit Courtesy, Carbondale Creative District

Signs directing people to places like galleries, breweries and restaurants are being posted along the Rio Grande Trail and in Carbondale over the next month to direct people to the arts in town. That’s part of an effort to bolster the Carbondale art’s community while the town tries to become a certified Colorado Creative District.

The first eight signs will be placed at locations like the roundabout, along the trail and in town to push people towards the core and other lesser known art spots.

Amy Kimberly, who is heading the effort, says it is an important step in showing people what Carbondale has in terms of the arts.


“It’s really to connect what we have in Carbondale,” said Kimberly. “We have all these amazing things, but if you come to Carbondale or you ride the Rio Grande trail, you don’t really know what’s here.”

The Carbondale Creative District group is funding the project.

The goal is to have signs up before the Colorado Creative Industries Conference in May.