Congresswoman DeGette Tries Again for Wilderness

Jun 25, 2013

Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette is again trying to expand wilderness in the state. The Democrat, whose district largely includes Denver, hopes to preserve more than thirty places around Colorado including land in Eagle County. DeGette announced her proposal legislation Monday, June 24th.  She has introduced similar versions for more than a decade.

“You know this is a big and important effort, to try to preserve as much of the remaining wilderness as we have left. And historically, when people have worked on bills like this, it has taken quite some time to designate those areas.” 

Map of additional wilderness areas proposed by Congresswoman Diana DeGette.
Credit Congressional Office of Diana DeGette

DeGette’s has been trying for more than a decade to get her Colorado Wilderness Act passed.  It includes thousands of acres in Pitkin County and several parcels of land in Garfield County. Among those concerned about the earlier plan are mountain biking groups and oil and gas developers.  Degette is taking comments on her proposal for ninety days. That’s at her website, which can be found here.