Connect for Health enrollment up in Eagle and Garfield Counties, down in Pitkin

Feb 26, 2015

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  It’s getting into tax season, and this is the first time residents will have to pay a fine if they didn’t have health insurance in 2014. That’ll be true for 2015 taxes as well, if someone can’t prove they have health insurance this year. For those signing up for health coverage through the statewide online exchange, counties in the Roaring Fork Valley worked together to get as many people signed on as possible. 

That ended up being more than 2000 residents in Eagle County and around 1700  for Garfield County. That’s about double for both of those counties, compared to the first enrollment period last year. About 200 fewer people signed up in Pitkin County this year, ending up at slightly over 1000.

There were problems this winter with Connect for Health Colorado. About 20 to 30 people in the Roaring Fork Valley were caught in a glitch in the online marketplace. Connect for Health says its working to make sure they have health insurance.