Construction begins for Grand Avenue Bridge

Jan 3, 2016

Looking south on the Grand Avenue Bridge in Glenwood Springs.

  After years of preparation and hashing out the details, work is beginning on a new Grand Avenue Bridge. CDOT and contract workers will be focusing on the area underneath the bridge downtown, from 7th street.

The work involves building a platform for equipment, which will then be used to put in the new foundation for the bridge. “You’ll see about 10 to 15 trucks coming through the downtown business area,” says project spokesman Tom Newland. “We’ll have to do some traffic control getting those trucks down into the causeway area.”

There will not be any street closures this week, and construction hours are 7am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Next week there will be a lane and sidewalk closure along 7th street. Newland says CDOT is working with business owners to make sure deliveries are not affected.