Council Supports Reduced Affordable Housing Request For Lift One Corridor

Dec 7, 2018

A rendering of the proposed Gorsuch Haus at the foot of Aspen Mountain.

Ordinances approving the Gorsuch Haus and Lift One Lodge are expected to go in front of Aspen City Council next week.

Gorsuch Haus has asked council to consider reducing the amount of affordable housing they would be on the hook for in two ways. Because of the number of rooms per square foot in the hotel and the public amenities it includes, the development can be reviewed as a high-density lodge. In exchange for creating high density, the required mitigation for affordable housing can be calculated at a lower rate. Both Gorsuch Haus and Lift One Lodge developers are also asking for a reduction on the calculation of full-time employees the operations would generate. While new developments have to mitigate for a percent of the new employees they would need, the hotels are asking to subtract the amount of square footage that is going to the private long term free market sales associated with their lodges, saying that the private apartments will not need additional staff.

Mayor Steve Skadron, and councilmembers Ann Mullins and Adam Frisch indicated they would approve the mitigation reductions, while councilmembers Bert Myrin and Ward Hauenstein were against giving the developers a break on affordable housing.

The plans are expected to go in front of Aspen voters in March.