County: Survey First Step in Improving Internet Access

Jul 11, 2013

Residents along the Roaring Fork Valley are being asked to share the details of their internet access at home. It’s part of an effort to speed up connections across Northwest Colorado. Phylis Mattice is Pitkin County Assistant Manager.

“The survey is asking people who their internet provider is, how much do they pay for it. We just don’t want it to be available to people, we want it to be affordable to people.

Credit Speedtest.net

Residents are also asked to report their internet speed and a home address. Mattice says getting better data on access in Pitkin County is the first step for improving where it’s extremely hard to get.

“There’s a neighborhood in the East of Aspen that would love to get internet service. They can contract with Comcast for some exorbitant amount of money to run fiber to their community. The village of Redstone has really poor service, as well as they have really poor service for cell phones. And then if you get into any of the drainages; Maroon Creek, Castle Creek, up the Frying Pan, it’s all really hard to get broadband.”

Pitkin County and other local governments say the social and economic benefit of faster internet.