CPW Asks Fishermen To Avoid Crystal River

Aug 30, 2018

The Crystal River is flowing at only 17 cubic feet per second, about 22 percent of average. Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officials are asking that anglers avoid fishing in the Crystal downstream from Avalanche Creek.
Credit Courtesy of Christy Rose

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) announced Thursday that it is lifting some fishing restrictions, and increasing others.


CPW officials are lifting several voluntary fishing closures across the state, including one on the Roaring Fork River. The stretch from Carbondale to the Colorado River had been off-limits to anglers between 2 p.m. and midnight for more than a month because of high water temperatures that threaten fish.

Liza Mitchell with Roaring Fork Conservancy said cooler temperatures and releases from Ruedi Reservoir have both contributed to improved conditions.

But the stretch of the Crystal River from Avalanche Creek to the confluence with the Roaring Fork has not improved and CPW is now asking that anglers avoid fishing there altogether. That segment is downriver from many diversions, and low flows have meant warmer water temperatures. The closure is voluntary, but CPW officials say if conditions persist, they may consider mandatory measures to protect fish.