CPW: Stay off closed trails, keep distance from newborn animals

Apr 24, 2018

An elk calf rests against rocks.
Credit Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

The state wildlife agency is reminding people to take steps to protect newborn animals this spring, and it starts with adhering to trail closures.


Several trails near Snowmass ski area close Wednesday to protect deer and elk during calving season. Government Trail, Tom Blake, Sequel and Anaerobic Nightmare will remain closed until June 21; many other popular trails in the Roaring Fork Valley have not yet opened from winter closures.

Kurtis Tesch, district ranger for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, said it’s important that young animals are able to grow without stress, so they can store up nutrients.

“It’s not a zoo; these are wild animals and they need to be treated accordingly," he said. "Give them their space, and keep your dogs on a leash.”

CPW officials get dozens of calls every spring from people concerned about young wildlife. They say it’s best to keep your distance and not touch baby mammals, as that can leave a scent that makes them vulnerable to predators.