Cross Currents: 50th Anniversary of Aspen Middle School's Outdoor Education

Oct 24, 2017

Courtesy of Aspen Middle School

The Outdoor Education program at Aspen Middle School is pretty unique. Teachers lead students into the wilderness with the goal of teaching leadership, teamwork and resilience. This isn’t a club or an afterschool activity; a whole school week is dedicated to the experience. The program is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Today, Cross Currents host Christin Kay is joined by Outdoor Education leaders Chris Keleher and Sarah Graber, both teachers at Aspen Middle School.

We also hear from current students Meghann Smiddy and Samuel Vesy about the impact that Outdoor Education has on them.


Elizabeth Stewart Severy, our environment reporter, also takes part in this interview. She’s participated in Outdoor Education both as a student and a leader.