Cross Currents: Aspen Homeless Shelter

Nov 1, 2017

One of the first questions that people ask Dr. Vince Savage, executive director of the Aspen Homeless Shelter is: There actually are homeless people in Aspen?

Well, yes, and those who are homeless here can find food, resources and accommodations at the Aspen Homeless Shelter.


Dr. Vince Savage sat down with Cross Currents host Christin Kay to talk about homelessness in Aspen. Also in the studio were Bill Hodges, president of the shelter’s board, Simon Chen, board member, and Catherine Ann Provine, managing director of the Aspen Chapel. The homeless shelter’s overnight program will be at the Aspen Chapel this winter.

Alycin Bektesh has reported on homelessness in Aspen. She joined the conversation, as well.