CrossCurrents - Aspen Hall of Fame

Jan 14, 2015

On today's show, the Aspen Hall of Fame with this year's inductees are Joe and Judy Zanin, George Madsen, and Dick Butera.

The guests on the show are members of the board Lorna Pederson and Jeanette Darnauer.

From the Aspen Hall of Fame website:

he idea for the Aspen Hall of Fame began in 1985 as the Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) planned a celebration of Aspen’s 40th anniversary of skiing the following year. The concept of the Aspen Hall of Fame was to honor the “pioneers” who dedicated their lives to the development of skiing and the betterment of our community, and to establish a meaningful annual event during the celebration that would live beyond the season of celebration.

The first Hall of Fame committee represented a cross-section of the community, including representatives from the arts council and the historical society, from the ski club and the ski company, as well as 10th Mountain Division soldiers; there was even a member of the first board of directors of the Aspen Corporation, the original name of the ASC. The first banquet was held during the Aspen Skiing Company’s 40th Anniversary Celebration week in January 1987.

The current organization has been independent from ASC for many years. Each year’s banquet features an awards presentation, introduced by a video profiling the life of each inductee.